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of your heart health!

We guide you to identify your cardiovascular risk factors and their root causes. We empower you to address these root causes and stay on top of your heart health.

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Preventive heart health that is tailored to your lifestyle and life stage. The point you are in your life and your daily choices affect your heart health. We coach you to discover how to navigate these life stages with a heart-friendly lifestyle.

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Founding team with 25 years combined experience

Simply by you for you!

Quality care from experienced experts.

We keep it simple. We don’t tell you what to do. We coach you to unlock heart-healthy behaviors that you love and enjoy. You will decide what is most suitable and convenient for you. You own the care process.

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It takes a village!

Your family and friends have a huge influence on the choices that you make every day. We want you to bring them to the party of heart care. We need them to stay on track so that you can stay on track. Stay accountable to each other in this journey.

Learn in real-time how these progress are improving your heart health Track the results you get!

Private and secure platform to record and track the changes that you are making. Learn in real-time how these changes are improving our heart health.

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Beat the root causes of your cardiovascular risk factors! Relax and enjoy life!

Learn how the social, emotional, and physical conditions in the environment where you were born, raised, live, work and play are shaping your daily life and putting you at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Learn how to navigate them, untangle yourself from their grip and live your best life.


We work and happy clients won’t stop talking about us

Two out of three of our clients get to the root of their risk factors, took steps to reduce these risk factors and observed improvements in their blood pressure and blood sugar within three weeks.

Here is what they are saying


I was on three medications for type 2 diabetes, and it was very expensive to buy these medications. With Viedial, I was able to reduce my medications to only one. More importantly, I know what will make my blood sugar rise and I avoid it.


I was given a meal plan in the hospital after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I was still trapped in the cycle of weight gain, morning headaches and fatigue. When I started Viedial, I learned how to source for affordable foods and how to put them together to improve my health. The headaches are gone and I am now losing weight gradually.


I feel loved and cared for. I never knew that managing my blood sugar was this simple and cheap.